Void Scar’s Birthday!

Hello everyone!

Today, as you may have guessed, is Void Scar Miniatures’ Birthday. To celebrate the occasion there’s been cake at Void Scar HQ, but more importantly, there’s other fun stuff for everyone!

Without further ado, let’s get started:

From Ashes 0.0.9 is now available from the From Ashes Ruled Downloads page. This is FREE to download so you can get stuck into your games of From Ashes straight away. It’s been in the making for many months now with plenty of playtesting going into it, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the best iteration of From Ashes yet. Again, the Acquisition Roster for each faction have been updated too and can be found in the From Ashes rules Downloads page – looks you’ve got a busy day ahead!

Next up, a little reminder that orders of £50 and over made between now and the 27th get a FREE Sol Enclave Anvil Tank Crew or a poster of your choice (while stocks last). I’ll drop you an email after your order to confirm which you’d like.

Also, there are several new products available from today:

Verse Dominion Taurus APC


Xeraak Triarchy Vehicle Upgrade Set


KFR Vehicle Upgrade Set


Sol Enclaves Anvil Laser Cannon


Sol Enclaves Anvil Plasma Cannon


Sol Enclaves Vehicle Upgrade Set 2


SFA Pathfinder Anti-Tank Squad


Xeraak Triarchy Meta Overseer infantry upgrade


Lastly, we have the following super-exciting previews of the next faction for From Ashes – the Xeraak Triarchy! These scientists-turned-conquerors have had to turn to their advanced technology to survive, building rank upon rank of cyborg thralls to do their bidding out in the Grey Zone. You can expect to see these models come-to-life later in the year.

Wow, I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of stuff to get your teeth into! What’s your favourite of the new releases, and also why not share with us which new Xeraak Triarchy unit you’re most looking forward to seeing ‘in the flesh’ (pun intended)?

Thanks for swinging by!

Void Scar Barn