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Hi and welcome to Void Scar Miniatures – a small, but ambitious, tabletop miniatures company based in Nottingham in the UK.

Void Scar’s primary aim is to produce high quality 1/100 scale sci-fi models and an associated IP with accompanying wargaming rules. As things progress, Void Scar Miniatures will attend regular wargaming events too, where you will get to see the range of models up-close and previews of what’s coming.

The designs you’ll see are inspired by near-to-medium futuristic science fiction themes and ideas. Many integrate realistic aspects of modern and projected military concepts to create a collection of exciting and sensible model designs. New factions will continue this principle, with each unique in their own aethestic.

Join Void Scar on a journey to explore this vision and watch it grow. Please take a look around the Void Scar Miniatures site by clicking on the menu options above.

Be sure to swing by the Void Scar Miniatures Facebook page and say hello!

  • Happy Birthday Void Scar Miniatures!

    Void Scar Minitures is officially a year old!

    From humble beginings of a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Anvil tank to life, to a (small!) range of accompaing models, Void Scar Miniatures is going from strength to strength. This could not have happened without you guys, and as a thanks, everything on the webstore is 15% off until the end of October!

    Here’s to a fantastic year! Who knows what’s coming next, as besides, we’re only just getting started…

    Void Scar Barn

  • New Acquistion Roster – the Marine Tactical Unit!

    Today sees the result of an exciting collaboration between Void Scar Miniatures and White Dragon Miniatures – the Acquisiton Roster for using their range of stunning miniatures in From Ashes!

    The MTU Aquisiton Roster PDF is available in the From Ashes Ruless Downloads page and the selection of models is available from the White Dragon Miniatures website. Take, a look, have some games and be sure to share your experiences in the From Ashes Gaming Group on Facebook.


  • Preview – Verse Dominion armour incoming! The Rhino Assault Tank

    The first armoured tank for the Verse Dominion has a little preview today. As you can see, it’s a real beefy beast, with a huge off-centre mounted cannon, an additional heavy rocket for engaging enemy vehicles, and of course a pintle machine gun for engaging close-in targets like infantry or even spitting lead at low-flying aircaft.

    Keep an eye on this space and the Void Scar Miniatures Facebook page for more info on the Rhino’s release.

  • New From Ashes Skirmish set available!

    Morning Commanders!

    Today sees the release of the From Ashes Skirmish Set, allowing you to explore the From Ashes rules with a small force. This collection of miniatures and gaming peripherals will enable you and a friend to play out a small scale confrontation between the Verse Dominion and Scaryn Federated Alliance.

    Get yours here, and don’t forget to join in the From Ashes Gaming Group on Facebook.

    See you at the frontline, Commander!

  • Preview – Verse Dominion buggy stalks its prey – the Reaver Attack Buggy

    The Verse Dominion are set to receive their first vehicle in the next few months – the Reaver Attack Buggy. This go-anywhere all terrain vehicle scouts ahead of the main Verse Dominion force, searching for enemy targets. Once it’s made contact, it can either report back to home base or engage with its chaingun or rocket launcher.

    Keep an eye on this space and the Void Scar Miniatures Facebook page for more info on the Reaver’s release.