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Hi and welcome to Void Scar Miniatures – a small, but ambitious, tabletop miniatures company based in Nottingham in the UK.

Void Scar’s primary aim is to produce high quality 1/100 scale sci-fi models and an associated IP with accompanying wargaming rules. As things progress, Void Scar Miniatures will attend regular wargaming events too, where you will get to see the range of models up-close and previews of what’s coming.

The designs you’ll see are inspired by near-to-medium futuristic science fiction themes and ideas. Many integrate realistic aspects of modern and projected military concepts to create a collection of exciting and sensible model designs. New factions will continue this principle, with each unique in their own aethestic.

Join Void Scar on a journey to explore this vision and watch it grow. Please take a look around the Void Scar Miniatures site by clicking on the menu options above.

Be sure to swing by the Void Scar Miniatures Facebook page and say hello!

  • New Devin Pact are now available!

    Today sees some crucial reinforcements arrive for the Devin Pact they can use in their struggle for independence on their home world of Kommodas.

    Now available in the Void Scar Miniatures webstore are the following:

    -FREE updated Devin Pact Acquisition Roster PDF rules download.

    -Devin Pact Rhino Assault Tank

    -Anvil Shock Cannon upgrade

    -Devin Pact vehicle upgrade pack

    I’ve also added below the list of changes from the last Acquisition Roster (when they were called the Chosen Guard).


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  • Devin Pact release date announcement

    Hi all!

    I just wanted to tell you all that the new Devin Pact (previously known as the Chosen Guard) releases will be available from next Monday June 13th, including an updated Acquisition Roster, a new Rhino variant combining SFA and Verse Dominion tech, plus several new vehicle upgrades to make your turncoat vehicles even more ‘kablamy’.


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  • NEW From Ashes Sol Enclaves faction is out now!

    Today sees the release of a new faction for From Ashes – the Sol Enclaves.

    The Sol Enclaves are the remnant outposts and colonies left over from the collapse of the League of Solar Nations. Arising from the ashes of the devastating civil conflict known as the Severance War, the Sol Enclaves represent the multitude of peoples trying to survive out in the Damnya Sector and beyond. As they are scattered to the far reaches of the system, each has become a faction to their own right, often adopting technologies found or traded with other groups they’d encounter. Despite being considered a minor faction in the Danny’s Sector, the Sol Enclaves can easily hold their own against the Primary Powers.

    The Sol Enclaves are an extremely customisable faction for use in the From Ashes miniatures game, where you can choose if you want to ally with any of the Primary Powers, giving you access to their units and technologies, or just go it alone on the hope that your LSN forefathers will rise again and bring order to the Damnya Sector.

    The Sol Enclaves Strike Force in particular is the ideal starting force for getting into From Ashes, as with it you can add units from other factions as you expand your collection.

    Today sees the release of the following products:

    -Sol Enclaves Acquisition Roster FREE PDF download

    -Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Command Unit

    -Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Medic upgrade

    -Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Riflemen Squad

    -Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Anti-Tank Squad

    -Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Heavy Machine Gun Squad

    -Sol Enclave vehicle upgrades

    It’s worth noting here that the Sol Enclaves use the Anvil, Bullfrog and Hammerhead vehicles for their armies from the SFA (well technically, they belonged to them in the first place!).

    All the models are available for the online store and the Acquisition Roster from the From Ashes downloads page.

  • Sol Enclaves preview and release date announcement!

    Hi all!

    I would like to share with you all the exciting news that the new Sol Enclaves faction will be on sale next Monday 16th May!


    Void Scar Barn

  • From Ashes demos at Hobbyspotz

    Hi everyone

    I’m going to be at Hobbyspotz in Nottingham next Monday (May 9th) for their playtest evening if you would like to come down and join in some From Ashes. I’ll be there from 6.30pm onwards.

    See you there!

    Void Scar Barn