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Hi and welcome to Void Scar Miniatures – a small, but ambitious, tabletop miniatures company based in Nottingham in the UK.

Void Scar’s primary aim is to produce high quality 1/100 scale sci-fi models and an associated IP with accompanying wargaming rules. As things progress, Void Scar Miniatures will attend regular wargaming events too, where you will get to see the range of models up-close and previews of what’s coming.

The designs you’ll see are inspired by near-to-medium futuristic science fiction themes and ideas. Many integrate realistic aspects of modern and projected military concepts to create a collection of exciting and sensible model designs. New factions will continue this principle, with each unique in their own aethestic.

Join Void Scar on a journey to explore this vision and watch it grow. Please take a look around the Void Scar Miniatures site by clicking on the menu options above.

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  • Diorama shots

    Today I thought I’d share with you some fantastic shots CB Miniature Painting Studio has done on his diorama with some Void Scar models.

    What do you guys think?

  • New SFA and Chosen Guard units have arrived!

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome back to the third stop-off on our 2021 roadmap. Today, we’ll be adding further additions to to the ever-expanding Void Scar Miniatures range of models and rules.

    Last month we saw the Verse Dominion receive reinforcements from off-world – the Rhino, Reaver and Goraths. To answer the growing threat, the SFA has provided more vehicles and equipment to its forces in the form of several new Bullfrog variants, namely the Grendel APC, Snapdragon SPAAG and Aurora MRS. The Anvil has also received a firepower upgrade with its powerful Heavy Railgun for engaging newly emerging near-peer adversaries being encountered out in the Grey. Lastly, the hordes of enemy infantry who often assail SFA ground forces has also caused a reaction within their senior battle planners, with the introduction of modular Pintle HMGs capable of being installed on any SFA vehicle.

    As the SFA’s expansion is met with increasingly capable enemy armoured vehicles, the Anvil has received a potent firepower upgrade in the form of the Heavy Railgun. Capable of firing metal slugs at extreme speeds, the kinetic energy impact is more than enough to atomise whatever finds itself unfortunate to be in th Anvil’s sights.

    The Grendel APC maintains the Bullfrog’s high transport capacity yet still provides overwhelming anti-infantry firepower. A roof-mounted rear turret has two heavy machine guns installed, which send a fusillade of fire down-range to answer the hordes of enemy infantry swarming across the battlefield.

    Despite enemy air power being relatively light out in the Grey, the SFA realise that it’s better to have the protection of AA coverage before an attack, rather than after. The Snapdragon SPAAG is a straightforward turret addition to the Bullfrog, but unlike other similar variants, can easily engage multiple air targets which find themelves in the local airspace. Not onty that, but the primary autocannons can be pointed downwards to engage surface targets as well, with its armour-piercing rounds even capable of threatening the heaviests of enemy tanks.

    Shrieking overhead, rockets launched from the Aurora Multi Rocket System will be sure to pin enemy infantry units in place or score a lucky direct hit on enemy vehicles and damage the weaker top armour. With the new FOB rules in From Ashes 0.0.5, your Leader units can even request the Aurora’s indirect fire when they are held back in reserves!

    Lastly, the Pintle Heavy Machine Gun can be attached to any of the current range of SFA vehicles to provide that extra bit of firepower when engaging infantry squads, and is ideal for fending off enemy close assaults.

    The Chosen Guard have also received reinforcements, as they too can take SFA Auoras and Verse Dominion Reavers to help in their battles across Kommodas, but of course ‘modified’ to suit their own strategies and battlefield tactics.

    The new SFA and Chosen Guard models are available in the online store and the updated Acquisition Rosters for both the SFA and Chosen Guard can be found in the From Ashes Rules page.

    Don’t forget to join in the action at the From Ashes Facebook group and share your war stories.


    The model upgrades have been sculpted by the excellent Vigilant 3D Art and painted by CB Miniature Painting Studio

  • New Verse Dominion rules and models inbound!

    Hi again folks!

    Continuing our 2021 Schedule, today we have some very exciting news with the release of more units for From Ashes’ second faction – the Verse Dominion.

    Now with their very own Acquisition Roster, you too can crusade across the Damnya Sector with these freedom fighters turned religious zealots. Your infantry squads have been reinforced with several new models – the Rhino Assault Tank, Gorath Heavy Infantry and the Reaver Attack Buggy. Now that they have a good selection of units at their disposal, they can bring their heavier forces planetside and wreak havoc across the world of Kommodas and beyond!

    Rhino Assault Tanks act like oversized battery rams, storming across the battlefield where they use their powerful cannons and rockets to obliterate enemy armoured vehicles, and pintle-mounted machine guns to suppress nearby infantry. Protected behind thick layers of Skimmer Plate armour, Rhinos can easily shrug off incoming attacks before delivering devastating shock-fields assaults as they smash their way into the very heart of the enemy.

    Reaver Attack Buggies provide the Verse Dominion with a tactically flexible unit capable of fulfilling different roles on the battlefield based on its loadout. The gatling gun ‘Shredder’ variant can send devastating volleys of incendiary rounds down-range to pepper infantry, or even aircraft who find themselves flying too low. The tank-hunting rocket launcher ‘Busta’ variant instead waits in ambush to snipe enemy armoured assets at a distance from the safety of cover.

    Gorath Heavy Infantry are quite simply sheer brute muscle combined with savage staying power. Using their Heavy Shock Rifles they can obliterate enemies from afar or use their tremendous strength to tear them apart up close. Whichever way they’re used, no Verse Dominion commander would leave home without some Goraths watching their back…

    The Verse Dominion Acquisistion Roster is available in PDF form at the From Ashes rules page and the complete range of models is availability in the Online Store.

    See you on the frontline, commander.

    These models have been sculpted by the excellent Vigilant 3D Art and painted by CB Miniature Painting Studio

  • Verse Dominion relase date!

    Hi all!

    Today, I just wanted to share with you a couple of things. Firstly, I’m extremely excited to anounce the release date for the new Verse Dominion Rhino, Reaver and Goraths along with the complete Verse Dominion Acquisition Roster:

    APRIL 15 2021

    That’s a week on thursday, so be sure to check in at the Void Scar Miniatures online store and pick up the fantastic new models.

    Secondly, I wanted to show off another fantastic propaganda poster from the excellent Project One Media encouraging you to take up arms and join the Verse Dominion.

    Next week, I’ll have another piece of artwork to show off, and perhaps some painted models too, so make sure you keep an eye on the Void Scar Miniatures Facebook page for more info!

  • From Ashes main rules 0.0.5 update ahoy!

    Hi folks

    Today we see the release of the main From Ashes rules updated to the latest version – 0.0.5.

    As most of you will know, From Ashes is very much in a beta format for now, but is is a very solid ruleset which enables you to play exciting tactical combat using the Void Scar Miniatures range of models. It’ll be quite a while before a big shiny rulebook is available (don’t worry, it is coming…eventually!) but in the meantime, the beta format means we can take an organic, evolutionary approach to the rules development.

    In version 0.0.5, I’d like to draw your focus to how building your army has been changed. Simply put, the previous system revolved around ‘Battalions’ with the actual aim of future-proofing multiplayer battles. This actually added an unnecessary layer of complexity with little benefit in return, so has been removed for something a little more logical and structured. Don’t worry though, as in a future update they’ll be a section focussed on alliance battles and the like.

    No longer do you need to purchase a Battalion for 300 Req. Instead, you organise your Squads into one or more Detachments. Starting with a Squad with the Leader Ability, who is now known as the Detachment Commander, you then have to purchase two more Squads of the same Type. After that, you can take a number of Squads equal to the Detachment Commander’s Discpline value subtracted from the abitary number of 10, meaning more discilplined leaders can be accompanied by more Squads. Lastly, you can purchase a Doctrine for this Detachment to reflect a training regime from one of it’s worlds of origin. You could even have multiple Detachments in the same Force to represent your own unique task force.

    Your feedback has been invaluable in adding to the success of From Ashes, which is quickly becomng a great rules set offering a unique gaming experience. With the latest update, there is now a small section on the back page outlining the changes from the last edition, including page references to enable you to easily jump to the sections and check how your games will be affected. Take a look now at the From Ashes Downloads page, download the FREE PDF and play some games. Oh and don’t forget to join in the action at the From Ashes Facebook group.

    I’d also like to add that the MTU Acquisition Roster has been updated with the new army building mechanic too. ‘What about the SFA and Chosen Guard’ I hear you cry – well they’re in the process of having some new units being added, so will receive an update in May. In the meantime, ignore the older ‘Battalion’ style of building armies and use the new one in From Ashes 0.0.5.

    Take a look and share your thoughts with the rest of us.


    Void Scar Barn