A little preview of this week’s releases

With the upcoming From Ashes 0.0.9 release, each faction will be getting an updated Acquisition Roster which details the units they can use in their games.

The Sol Enclaves in particular are perhaps the most customisable faction, as you can choose to join one of the Primary Powers. This gives you access to their technologies and abilities, and as a result, their vehicles can be customised with the sponsor’s upgrades. This means that one Sol Enclave faction can play completely differently to another, with vehicles taking on different appearances to match.

Not only can Sol Enclaves now get access to SFA and Verse Dominion (well, Devin Pact) upgrades, but on the 23rd two new factions throw in to the ring, providing their allies with brand new technologies and weapon systems.

The Xeraak Triarchy Upgrade Set offers the powerful Plasma Repeater Turret to provide the host vehicle with a potent plasma weapon capable of defending the vehicle from close assaults, or just simply used to boost the vehicle’s firepower. The Shield Generator is exactly what it says on the tin and provides boosted protective capabilities to the host vehicle. Anvils which have joined the Xeraak Triarchy (or to use their correct sub-faction name, the Union of the Advancing Dawn) can replace their main cannons with a fast-firing Plasma Cannon which is capable of melting any target on the battlefield. Not only that, but the Meta Overseer from the Xeraak Triarchy range will also be available, which when attached to an infantry squad, provides a protective shield and an ability to boost nearby Leaders capabilities quite considerably.

On the other side of things we have the KFR, or Kymeron Free Republic, Vehicle Upgrade Set. The Laser Turret is another defence weapon but due to its onboard AI can quickly identify and engage multiple targets at once, making it one of the best counter-assault weapons in the game. Perhaps the most curious upgrade of all is the AI Core which provides the host vehicle an onboard artificial intelligence capable of shielding the vehicle from harm or expending its energies to temporarily take control and reroll a failed Discipline test when needed, which when combined with the Sol Enclave Freemen of the Republic sub-faction special rule Phoenix Protocols gives them a real edge in combat. Last, but by no means least, is the Laser Cannon Anvil upgrade which, while proving extremely accurate laser fire, can also be combined with any laser turrets on the vehicle to create a powerful laser beam capable of destroying anything in its path.

Not only that, but all Sol Enclaves forces all get access to the new Sol Enclaves Vehicle Upgrade Set 2, which includes the Optics and Tank Commander upgrades. The Optics increase the host vehicles of first hit probabilities if it has not moved, whereas the Tank Commander can lead spearhead assaults where friendly vehicles can activate alongside

Be sure to check back and customise your fleet of Sol Enclave vehicles!

These will be available on August 23rd along with the new Verse Dominion Taurus APC, updated From Ashes rules and the new Xeraak Triarchy previews.