Void Scar Miniatures’ Birthday announcement!

On August 23rd Void Scar Miniatures will be celebrating its birthday, and to commemorate the occasion there’ll be a several exciting things for you to keep an eye out for:

-From Ashes 0.0.9 release – the best, most exciting and certainly the most streamlined version of the tactical battle game ever!

-A preview showcase of what you can expect to see from the Xeraak Triarchy coming later in the year (much like the blurry chap in the image above, but unblurred of course!).

-NEW releases:

Verse Dominion Taurus APC

Sol Enclave vehicle upgrades: Vehicle Upgrades set 2 (includes Tank Commander and Optics) Xeraak Triarchy vehicle upgrade set (includes Plasma Repeater Turret and Shield Generator) KFR vehicle upgrade set (includes Laser Turret and AI Core) Anvil Plasma Cannon upgrade Anvil Laser Cannon upgrade

-Starting from August 12th to 27th sales of £50 and above get one of the following for FREE – Anvil Tank Crew or a poster of their choice (whiles stocks last). This applies to the Britcon show this coming weekend too!

Make sure to keep in the loop by checking out Void Scar Miniatures’ Facebook and Instagram pages, and of course check back on the 23rd for these exciting releases!