Verse Dominion preview and events reminder

Hi all!

August will see the release of several new Verse Dominion units, specifically on August 8th. An updated Acquisition Roster will also be available from this time so you can use the new Archon Reaver, Reaver Rocket Buggy and Rhino Dominus models in your games of From Ashes straight away.

I also wanted to remind you all about not one but TWO events Void Scar Miniatures will be attending this month. The first (and indeed the very first show Void Scar Miniatures has ever attended!) will be on August 13th at Britcon in Nottingham. The following week, on the 20th, is Chillcon in Sheffield. Follow the links below for more info.

It’d be great to see you guys there, and of course show you the ranges of models in-person, chat about the From Ashes rules and if you’re extra nice, might *even* divulge a bit of info on future factions and the like.

Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!

Void Scar Barn

Britcon in Nottingham:

Chillcon Sheffield