Scaryn Federated Alliance new releases now available!

This month it’s the turn of the Scaryn Federated Alliance to get some much needed reinforcements. These new bits will enable you to customise your vehicles to help differentiate them from their LSN forbearers (where they’ve been arguably improved by their new owners) in the forms of the Vehicle Upgrade Sets One and Two, Aurora CBR and Snapdragon Upgrade Set. Also released this month is the new Lancer Combat Recon Vehicle to provide that crucial tactical edge with it’s Recon Ability and, of course, its big ol’ cannon for seeing off pesky enemy scouts.

Now available at the Void Scar Miniatures webstore are the following:

-FREE updated SFA Acquisition Roster PDF rules download.

-Lancer Combat Recon Vehicle

-Aurora Counter Battery Radar upgrade

-Snapdragon Upgrade Set

-SFA Vehicle Upgrade Set One

-SFA Vehicle Upgrade Set Two

Also below is the list of changes from the last Acquisition Roster


Void Scar Barn