New Verse Dominion units are NOW available!

Today sees the release of several new units for thee Verse Dominion. The Rhino Dominus is first to steam into view, it’s Ringleader barking orders to those around it as it’s powerful Shock Cannon obliterates everything which finds itself unfortunate enough to be in the way. The Reaver Archon is not far behind, it’s zealous preacher chanting to his flock, encouraging them on to further deeds of heroism and righteous zeal. Lastly, but certainly not least, the Reaver Rocket Buggy launches shrieking rockets overhead of the Verse Dominion hordes, pounding enemy troop formations and providing that crucial artillery cover to friendly forces.

Now available at the Void Scar Miniatures webstore are the following:

-FREE updated Verse Dominion Acquisition Roster PDF rules download.

-Rhino Dominus

-Reaver Archon

-Reaver Rocket Buggy

Don’t forget these, and many other Void Scar Miniatures products, will be available at the upcoming trade shows Britcon in Nottingham, August 13th, followed by Chillcon the next Saturday in Sheffield, August 20th.

Also below is the list of changes from the last Acquisition Roster