New releases – Verse Dominion Vanguard and Ringleaders

Today sees the release for the first couple of units from Void Scar Miniatures’ second faction – the Verse Dominion.

These mining slaves turned religious freedom fighters, some would say simple marauders, have set their sights on the Damnya Sector. Few will be able to stand against their righteous zeal as they crusade onwards, eager to bring their ways to the unwashed masses and hunt down their hated enemy and previous masters; the Frontier Guild.

The Vanguard are the various militia and tribal fighers drawn together from across Verse Dominion space. When not fighting each other, they unite and push beyound their own worlds in search of conquest and plunder. What they may lack in skill or equipment, they more than make up for with numbers and faith.This Vanguard Infantry set includes 16 riflemen in eight different poses, together with 4 RPG troopers in two different poses, totalling 20 models.

However, such a rabble needs controlling, which is where the Ringleader Command Squad comes in. The Ringleader himself uses his tribal rank and pure brutishness to order those around him into action. He is accompanied by a Preacher who’s there to remind the Vanguard of their religious convictions and overwhelm their foes in battle in a wave of charging bodies.

Sculpted by Vigilant 3D Art and painted by CB Miniature Painting Studio, these fantastic high-quality resin miniatures are available now from the Void Scar website through the links below. Like all Void Scar Miniatures infantry sets, these are available with or without rectangular bases.

Vanguard Infantry Cohort

Ringleader Command Squad

Rules for using these models in your games of From Ashes are available on the From Ashes rules page.