Price rise is here and some other stuff too

Just to let you all know that the dreaded price rise has arrived. You’ll now see many products updated to the new pricing structure. You’ll also notice that there’s no longer alternative options to have non-based infantry and walkers too. It just makes everything a little more streamlined so that resources can be better spent elsewhere!

Onto other stuff…

For a while now I’ve had folks ask ways in which they can get a hold of the Sol Enclaves Anvil Tank Crew. Well, these are now available through the online store via the link below, so should provide that extra bit of narrative play to your games.

On a separate note, the 3D-prints have arrived for the new SFA Dragoon infantry. These spec-ops troopers are perfect for raiding behind enemy lines, where they can use their silenced carbines to great effect neutralising enemy VIPs, or their demo charges to blow up other high value targets.

Not only that, but the SFA will be getting new glide-pods, allowing them to deliver the Dragoons to their target, or perhaps enable Railgunners to get close to enemy heavy armour.

As I mentioned last time, the next From Ashes update it’s on its way, and has lots of big changes to the way the game works, making it a more streamlined experience and reduce the ‘mental load’, as it were – watch this space!

See you at the frontlines!

Void Scar Barn