Xeraak Triarchy First Look – Infantry

Today I thought I’d give you a brief overview of the new infantry releases from the upcoming Xeraak Triarchy Acquisition Roster.

The Centaur Scout Cyborgs are exactly that – a recon unit designed to rove ahead of the main force and find new avenues of attack. They’re particularly useful for helping big groups of Revenants get forward into the battle zone to get closer to their foes. Not only that, but Centaurs have significant firepower of their own, what with having a Plasma Carbine and a Plasma Accelerator, plus the ability to fire them both despite being infantry, making them more akin to a mobile weapons platform than anything else. Another trick up their sleeve is the ability forfeit an Order dice to ‘scan’ the nearby surroundings, enabling a friendly unit to reroll a failed Search attempt.

The Hunchback Gun Cyborgs serve as the Xeraak Triarchy’s heavy weapons infantry unit. Unlike other factions who tend to have different squads equipped for specific target types, Hunchbacks can fire their weapons in one of two settings, making them capable of dealing with different enemies. The Focussed setting is for engaging armoured targets such as tanks, whilst the Dispersed mode turns the Hunchback into mobile light artillery, firing indirectly if needed. Plus, what with being infantry, they are capable of traversing virtually any terrain to where their quarry might be hiding.

Which of these two are you most looking forward to?

Tune in on Monday to hear all about the Harvester Mech variants – see you there!

Void Scar Barn