Xeraak Triarchy release date announcement!

Hi all!

I’m extremely excited to announce what we’ve all been waiting for – the release date for the Xeraak Triarchy…but first! (only joking)…


On March 1st you’ll be able to get your grubby-little cyborgy hands on the following new units:

  • Centaur Scout Cyborgs
  • Hunchback Gun Cyborgs
  • Harvester Shield Mechs
  • Harvester Combat Mechs
  • Xeraak Triarchy Drop Pods
  • Overlord Gun Walker
  • Reaper Combat Walker
  • Vector Assault Walker
  • Plasma Blasters Hardlink upgrade
  • Plasma Missile Pods Hardlink upgrade
  • Compound Optics Hardlink upgrade

Not only that, but for the first time in a long time there coming alongside these fantastic models will be a brand new Acquisition Roster, enabling you to use the Xeraak Triarchy in your games of From Ashes, with background, rules and images of these units. Just like the others, it is going to be a free PDF download too!

That’s pretty much it really! Over the next few weeks you can learn more about how some of these units work in the From Ashes miniatures game and see which one(s!) jumps out at you most.

On a separate note, I just wanted to let you know that Verse Dominion and SFA units now come with the gen2 bases.

Lastly, this Friday you’ll get to learn more about the new infantry – the Hunchbacks and Centaurs, so make sure to keep an eye on this space for more info on this new exciting and enigmatic faction.


Void Scar Barn