Just a little update…

Hi all!

I’ve got two great bits of news for you, and a quick reminder about Christmas orders too.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first shall we? – For those of you who intend to get orders arrive for Christmas, I strongly suggest you order them as soon as possible. I will do what I can, but postal services will no doubt be extremely busy this time of year so worth getting ahead of the last minute rush.

Next up, there’s going to be another From Ashes Gaming Day hosted by the fantastic folks over at LeadBelt Games Arena, Nottingham, on January 14th. For those of you who’ll be spending the Christmas break building toy soldiers, you’ve now got something to work towards!

Lastly, I was extremely excited to receive the first set of samples for the new Xeraak Triarchy Walkers, and just could not wait to show you all! Take a look at the pics below to see the variants in all their glory, and of course alongside an Anvil for size reference too. Trust me, things are moving as quickly as they can to get these monsters onto your battlefields, so watch this space…

Right, that just about does it me thinks! Have a great Christmas and a Xeraak Triarchy-y New Year!

Void Scar Barn