Xeraak Triarchy first wave available NOW

The time has finally arrived – the first wave of Xeraak Triarchy has been detected in orbit, and are preparing to assimilate your citizens into their forces!

Today, you’ll be able to get the following new Xeraak Triarchy squads for From Ashes:

-Meta Command Unit – capable of leading your armies of thrall cyborgs and protecting them using advanced shield projectors.

-Revenant Combat Cyborgs – the mainline infantry unit of the Xeraak Triarchy, who charge towards their foes firing plasma carbines as they go before unleashing devastating arc blades in close combat.

-Revenant Berserker Cyborgs – Those thralls who show signs of cognitive degradation are instead used as maddened assault units, distracting the foe and disrupting their battle planes, yet still hit home with a powerful punch.

-Meta Overseer Synapse Unit – Occasionally, Meta Overseers will band together into small teams where they can relay the orders of friendly commanders to nearby thralls.

These are available via online store here, and the rules in the From Ashes Rules Downloads page here.

Oh and one last thing – the Sol Enclaves sub-faction the Union of the Advancing Dawn can take these as Support Squads too!


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