From Ashes Gaming Day – Leadbelt Games Area July 14th, and price rise announcement

Coming soon is another From Ashes Gaming Day at the prestigious Leadbelt Games Arena on July 14th. This should give you plenty of time to build your armies and get ready for the battles to come.

On the day, you’ll be paired up with other From Ashes players where you can learn how the game works, explore new tactics and have a generally spiffing time with others like yourself.

Price Rise

On a more difficult note, at Void Scar Miniatures we’ve tried to keep costs down as best we could, maintaining the same structure for years. But things as they are, mean that in order to maintain the same quality, we need to rise prices. This will affect most (not all!) products across the Void Scar Miniatures range.

This new pricing structure will come into effect on July 1st, so please make sure you take advantage of the lower prices beforehand.

Right, must crack on with the next From Ashes update

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