From Ashes Gaming Day Debrief and Salute 51 on the way!

Hi everyone!

This Sunday gone we had another exciting day of battling at LeadBelt as part of their birthday celebrations (there was even some cake!), with many battles fought throughout the Damnya Sector. We saw new faces and seasoned veterans alike – what better display could there be of a growing wargaming community as these fine folks?

Next up, I’m extremely excited to announce that Void Scar Miniatures will be coming along to the legendary Salute wargaming show in London – we’ll be a stand TC05. This is a big deal for us and really cannot wait to meet everyone there and talk about all things From Ashes.

To celebrate the occasion, the brand new Verse Dominion Uttagon Assault Mutants will be available well ahead of its general release in a few month’s time!

If you’d like to order anything ahead of time in order to secure it, drop us a message and we’ll get that sorted for you.

See you there!

Void Scar Barn