Warfare wargames show this weekend!

Hi all!

This coming weekend (November 11-12th) Void Scar is off to the muchly anticipated Warfare war games show at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre. This will be our first time there and really excited to come along. Check out the link below for more info on the event.

Not only that, but I’m extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of the first wave of Xeraak Triarchy! These will be available starting from December, and includes the Revenant Combat Cyborgs, Meta Command Unit and Revenant Berserker Cyborgs. I know many of you will be waiting for a Strike Force and other models in the range, (so am I!) but you’ll have to wait a little longer for these I’m afraid, but they’re coming!

The rules for these models will also be available, but the main Xeraak Triarchy Acquisition Roster will arrive alongside the rest of the range later on. It’s worth remembering here that they can be integrated into an existing Sol Enclaves army which is using the Union of the Advancing Dawn sub-faction type too.

However, just for you folks coming to Warfare, you’ll be able to purchase these rather spiffing new cyborgs ahead of time!

So make sure your plasma batteries are installed, implants checked and bionics fired up, for the Xeraak Triarchy are coming…