From Ashes 0.0.9 Acquisition Roster updates ahoy!

Hi guys!

With From Ashes version 0.0.9 on the horizon, today I thought I’d briefly mention what you can expect to see from the Acquisition Rosters for each army which will be coming alongside. Each has a few updates, and of course are made to be compatible with the last version of the main rules, but perhaps Sol Enclaves sees the most changes to bring them in-line with two future factions the Xeraak Triarchy and the Kymeron Free Republic. Don’t worry though, the others will still get some lovin’ too!

Scaryn Federated Alliance aka SFA

  • New Anti-Tank Squad
  • Updated Doctrines

Devin Pact

  • Ringleader and Preacher upgrades for Vanguard

Verse Dominion

  • Ringleader and Preacher upgrades for Vanguard
  • NEW Taurus APC

Sol Enclaves

  • Big overhaul to Freemen of the Republic and Union of the Advancing Dawn Doctrines
  • NEW vehicles upgrades to enable you to customise your Sol Enclave vehicles to better suit whichever sponsor you’ve decided to adopt. For example, Member of the Alliance vehicles can now take SFA vehicle upgrades. There are also some brand new upgrades themed around the KFR and Xeraak Triarchy, such as the Plasma Shield Generator and AI Core.
  • NEW Anvil weapon upgrades. Like above, your Anvils can be upgraded with brand new weapon systems inspired by their allies. Two are old favourites such as the Heavy Railgun and the Shock Cannon, but there’s also two completely new weapons – the Laser Cannon and the Plasma Cannon.

Plus various other minor improvments along the way. Remember if you’d like to contribute to future updates, swing by the From Ashes Gaming Facebook group and add your two-penneth!

Well, that’s pretty much it for now – be sure to keep an eye on the Void Scar Miniatures page for new updates on From Ashes version 0.0.9 coming in August.

Oh and one last thing – here’s a little preview of the new vehicle upgrades for you to feast your eyes upon…

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