From Ashes 0.0.8 update release!

Hi everyone! today sees the release of the From Ashes 0.0.8 along with each factions’ updated Acquisition Roster. Below you can see summaries of the changes. What better way to see in the new year than some games of From Ashes huh?

I’d also like to mention that Void Scar Miniatures now has an official Patreon account, so if you’d like to support the development of From Ashes, this is a great way to do so. At the moment, there’s is only a ‘basic support’ option of £2 a month, but new tiers will be added as time goes on, with access to previews and exclusive items like posters and miniatures.

If you’d prefer to use PayPal to show your support, there’s a donate button at the bottom of the From Ashes rule downloads page.

Also, don’t forget if you’d like to have a go of From Ashes and learn more about the game, there will be demo days being run at various venues over the coming months, with the first ever being held at Hobbyspotz in Nottingham, UK, on January 7th.


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