I’m back!

Hi everyone

I’m finally back from a busy summer break with family, and well-rested I am too (sort of!). I guess that means back to work right?

Well, today is a big deal as I’ve got several exciting things to share with you – From Ashes 0.0.6, updated Strike Forces and a little preview of what’s to come…

From Ashes 0.0.6 update is here!

First up, From Ashes has been updated to 0.0.6, along with all the Acquisition Rosters. This is a big rules dump today, rather than a simple tweaking of values and the like. As I mentioned in the video I posted a while back there are several big changes, namely the new Critical Damage system, certain weapons having an Attack value equal to the unit’s remaining HP, and many others. I thought I’d copy-and-paste the update summary list from the back of the rules down below for you to have a look over yourself.

The From Ashes 0.0.6 update and accompaning Acquisition Rosters are available to download here:


Updated Strike Forces

Next up, the SFA Strike Force has been updated on the webstore, with the Fire Support Squad now being split into two weapon-specific units, and the Raven being replaced with the Aurora MRS artillery unit. The Chosen Guard have also received their very own Strike Force rather than being a side-thought of the SFA, and with a couple of funky new rules in their Acquisition Roster, means they can more closely integrate themselves with the Verse Dominion. Of course, let’s not forget that the Verse Dominion have their own Strike Force too. These come with a little discount compared to buying them all separately, and each is enough for a 300 Req army – ideal for starting out in From Ashes. It’s also worth throwing in here that on the webstore, the Chosen Guard have their own category so you can easily find what you need to add to your army.


Chosen Guard:


Verse Dominion:

Lastly, a little apology.

Earlier in the year you may have seen a roadmap showing the upcoming releases from Void Scar Miniatures, which talked about a new Verse Dominion APC and SFA dropship. These are coming, but things do change, and sadly they’ve had to take a bit of a backseat for now. Instead, some other things on the way first, and I wanted to give you a little preview of what’s to come…

As a thank you though for your continued support of Void Scar, and to mark the release of From Ashes 0.0.6, every order made over £60 during September will get a few extra goodies thrown in, specifically some Blast Markers, Smoke Markers and a pack of yellow dice too!


Void Scar Barn

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