New Verse Dominion rules and models inbound!

Hi again folks!

Continuing our 2021 Schedule, today we have some very exciting news with the release of more units for From Ashes’ second faction – the Verse Dominion.

Now with their very own Acquisition Roster, you too can crusade across the Damnya Sector with these freedom fighters turned religious zealots. Your infantry squads have been reinforced with several new models – the Rhino Assault Tank, Gorath Heavy Infantry and the Reaver Attack Buggy. Now that they have a good selection of units at their disposal, they can bring their heavier forces planetside and wreak havoc across the world of Kommodas and beyond!

Rhino Assault Tanks act like oversized battery rams, storming across the battlefield where they use their powerful cannons and rockets to obliterate enemy armoured vehicles, and pintle-mounted machine guns to suppress nearby infantry. Protected behind thick layers of Skimmer Plate armour, Rhinos can easily shrug off incoming attacks before delivering devastating shock-fields assaults as they smash their way into the very heart of the enemy.

Reaver Attack Buggies provide the Verse Dominion with a tactically flexible unit capable of fulfilling different roles on the battlefield based on its loadout. The gatling gun ‘Shredder’ variant can send devastating volleys of incendiary rounds down-range to pepper infantry, or even aircraft who find themselves flying too low. The tank-hunting rocket launcher ‘Busta’ variant instead waits in ambush to snipe enemy armoured assets at a distance from the safety of cover.

Gorath Heavy Infantry are quite simply sheer brute muscle combined with savage staying power. Using their Heavy Shock Rifles they can obliterate enemies from afar or use their tremendous strength to tear them apart up close. Whichever way they’re used, no Verse Dominion commander would leave home without some Goraths watching their back…

The Verse Dominion Acquisistion Roster is available in PDF form at the From Ashes rules page and the complete range of models is availability in the Online Store.

See you on the frontline, commander.

These models have been sculpted by the excellent Vigilant 3D Art and painted by CB Miniature Painting Studio