Void Scar Miniatures 2021 schedule

Hi all

I thought I’d quickly share with you what Void Scar Miniatures’ plans are for the year ahead.

March –

Later in March there’s an update for the main From Ashes rules bringing it round to version 0.0.5. A feature of this version I’d like to focus on is a new section on the back page which simply summerises what’s changed since the last update. It includes page references so you can quickly jump to the sections you wish to explore. I would also like to add here that the plan going forward is to releases an updated version every 3 months or so, with the (eventual!) aim of getting that nice shiny rulebook out there.

April –

Here we have the release of the next faction – the Verse Dominion. Initially thought as little more than the sponsors of the Chosen Guard, they have now brought their full might to bear in and across the Damnya Sector. With hordes of zealous militia, repurposed mining vehicles and terrifying oversized mutants, they crusade into your games in the name of their religion and a never-ending desire to conquer all.

You’ll be able to find on the Void Scar Miniatures website a new Acquisition Roster in PDF form for this faction, including several new units to use in your games of From Ashes:

-Rhino Assault Tank

-Reaver Attack Buggy

-Gorath Heavy Infantry.

May –

The SFA counter attack – A freshly updated Acquisiton Roster for the SFA and Chosen Guard, with new units added into the mix.

-Grendal twin-machine gun APC.

-Aurora Mobile Rocket System

-Snapdragon SPAAG

-SFA vehicle Pintle HMG upgrade

-Anvil Railgun upgrade

The Chosen Guard will also get access to the Aurora to provide indirect fire support, and their own verison of the Reaver Attack Buggy too.

After that –

Well, after that, there are several plans in the pipline. First, we’ll be dabbling into aircraft with the SFA getting a dropship to ferry Pathfinders directly into battle and secure those vital objectives. The Verse Dominion will also recieve support in the form of an APC to protect their infantry as they move across the battelfield. Again, they’ll be another From Ashes update based on feedback and playtesting (which, with all going well with the lockdown easing, should step up a gear). Lastly, we might *even* see the next faction emerge from the From Ashes universe. Question is, do we want cyborgs or mechs…

Where we go after that depends on you guys. I would really like to say a big ‘thank you’ to you all as well, as without your support so far and into the future, Void Scar Miniatures would still be a dream rather than an ever-expanding universe and set of models.

You guys are great.


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