New Acquistion Roster – the Marine Tactical Unit!

Today sees the result of an exciting collaboration between Void Scar Miniatures and White Dragon Miniatures – the Acquisiton Roster for using their range of stunning miniatures in From Ashes!

The MTU Aquisiton Roster PDF is available in the From Ashes Ruless Downloads page and the selection of models is available from the White Dragon Miniatures website. Take, a look, have some games and be sure to share your experiences in the From Ashes Gaming Group on Facebook.


New From Ashes Skirmish set available!

Morning Commanders!

Today sees the release of the From Ashes Skirmish Set, allowing you to explore the From Ashes rules with a small force. This collection of miniatures and gaming peripherals will enable you and a friend to play out a small scale confrontation between the Verse Dominion and Scaryn Federated Alliance.

Get yours here, and don’t forget to join in the From Ashes Gaming Group on Facebook.

See you at the frontline, Commander!