From Ashes Beta rules are now available!

Hi good people – FREE rules ahoy!

I’m extremely excited to share with you today the From Ashes beta ruleset! These have been a long labour of love, with many hours of research, writing and playtesting going into them. They’re available from the Void Scar Miniatures website here:

For now, the rules are low image get-you-by PDFs enabling you to play with the current range of Void Scar Miniatures models.

The From Ashes game is a tactical, immersive sci-fi tabletop experience where your Squads must achieve their objectives yet still react to the ever-changing battlefield situation. It’s based on an alternative activation system, where each Squad is capable of carrying out one or more Commands each time they activate. When they are enagaged by the enemy, they can react, enabling them to shoot back, retreat or even advance on the enemy’s postion. A major focus of the game is the descision making, where you, as the army’s commander, need to decide upon the best course of action for your Squads between multiple options. Here’s just some of the things you can expect from a game of From Ashes:

-A D12 based alternative activation system which allows you to carefully carry out your battleplans while responding to the enemy’s.

-A focus on ranged combat, where the closer you are to the enemy the more damage you deal out. However, when bayonets are fixed, things do get bloody!

-Leaders order other Squads around the battlefield by ‘donating’ their own Commands, just make sure they’ve got the discipline to carry them out!-A flexible, fair approach to setting up and organising a game, where you can even select your Squads after you know which mission is being played.

-The abllity to react to your opponent’s attacks, carefully plan your strategies around inter-locking overwatch, or employ various special rules unique to your units.-Expansion Training module where you can play through several scenarios with a Pathfinder Riflemen Squad to get to grips with the rules by yourself.

-Expansion OPFOR module where you can play against a force controlled by the game and is ideal for solo or cooperative play experiences.There’s three documents available now on the VSM website:

-The main From Ashes rules.

-The Scaryn Federated Alliance Acqusition Roster.

-The Chosen Guard Acquisition Roster.

Right now, there’s a From Ashes Gaming Group where you can discuss the rules, meet other players and generally be involved in this exciting new game system!

Download the rules now, have a read, play some games and tell us all what you think!