Xeraak Triarchy Revenant Combat Cyborgs


Primary infantry unit for the Xeraak Triarchy

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The Revenant Combat Cyborgs are the primary front-line battle units of the Xeraak Triarchy. This horde of thralls rush their foe, using their powerful plasma weapons to overwhelm even the toughest of targets before tearing apart the survivors with their plasma arc blades. Not only that, but there are reports of them ‘reassembling’ the corpses of the fallen as they go, adding to their number until all have been assimilated into their ranks.

The Revenant Combat Cyborgs set includes:

12x Revenant Cyborg models.                                                                                                     2x Revenant Brute models.                                                                                                               5x gen2 infantry base

2x white command dice

All miniatures are supplied unbuilt, unpainted and will require superglue to assemble.

Head over to the From Ashes rules page to learn more about using these models in your games.

Original designs by Florian Jonak and Giorgio Donato. Sculpted by Giorgio Donato. Photography by Velocity Media Group

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Weight 35 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm