SFA Vehicle Upgrades Set Two


An SFA vehicle upgrade set including the Pintle HMG and Comms Array

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The SFA, like many who make the Damnya Sector their home, have adapted the various bits of equipment leftover from the collapse of the LSN during the Severance War. The Stabilise HMG Turret is a common sight amongst many of the warring factions, where it provides useful anti infantry firepower when the enemy get too close, or maybe threaten low flying aircraft. What the SFA version has though however, is that it is fully stabilised and so can be fire on the move, supporting the SFA doctrine of blitzing mechanised assaults.

Such manoeuvre warfare tactics have their own issues, as when forces are stretched thing and constantly moving across the battlefield, the ability to command and coordinate such assets oven becomes unrealisable. The Comms Array is the SFA’s answer to this issue, as it boost the signals between the commanders and those on the frontlines, enabling a far more agile command and control capability.

The SFA Vehicle Upgrades Set Two pack includes the following:
1x Stabilised HMG Turret model
1x Comms Array model

Note that this set is designed to be attached to an existing SFA vehicle unit.

All miniatures are supplied unbuilt, unpainted and may require superglue to assemble.

Head over to the From Ashes rules page for more information on using these models in your games.

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