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Reaver artillery unit

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The Reaver Rocket Buggy is the Verse Dominion’s attempt to provide their forces with a vehicle with indirect fire capability. The simple modification of the Reaver chassis means a simple five tube multi-rocket system has been installed. These launch terrifying thermobaric warheads at their foe, incinerating anyone who finds themselves under this devastating barrage. The Reaver chassis, what with it being an all-terrain vehicle, means the Reaver Rocket Buggy can easily navigate difficult terrain and launch a barrage of rockets from an unexpected quarter before retreating to a safe area.

When assembled, this model measures approximately 60mm long, 30mm wide, 40mm high and is made of a high-quality resin.

The Reaver Rocket Buggy kit includes:
1x Reaver body, 2x Wheels, 2x Wheel arms, 1x gun armature, 1x rocket pods

Also comes with 2x white micro D6 dice (for use with the From Ashes game).

All miniatures are supplied unbuilt, unpainted and will require super glue to assemble.

Head over to the From Ashes rules page about using these models in your games.

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Weight 32 g
Dimensions 110 × 100 × 30 mm


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