Reaver Attack Buggy


A lightweight and agile multi-purpose scout vehicle.

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Reaver Attack Buggies provide the Verse Dominion with a tactically flexible unit capable of fulfilling different roles on the battlefield based on its loadout. The gatling gun ‘Shredder’ variant is capable of sending devastating volleys of incendiary rounds down-range to pepper infantry, or even aircraft who find themselves flying too low. The tank-hunting rocket launcher ‘Busta’ variant instead waits in ambush to snipe enemy armoured assets at a distance from the safety of cover.

When assembled, this model measures approximately 60mm long, 30mm wide, 40mm high and is made of a high-quality resin.

The Reaver Attack Buggy kit includes:
1x Reaver body, 2x Wheels, 2x Wheel arms, 3x crew (2 Verse Dominion variants and 1 SFA crewman to represent Chosen Guard), 1x gun armature, 1x gun shield, 1x gatling gun and 1x rocket launcher.

Also comes with 2x white micro D6 dice (for use with the From Ashes game).

All miniatures are supplied unbuilt, unpainted and will require super glue to assemble.

Be sure to head over to the From Ashes rules page about using these models in your games.

Additional information

Weight 32 g
Dimensions 110 × 100 × 30 mm


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