Devin Pact release date announcement

Hi all!

I just wanted to tell you all that the new Devin Pact (previously known as the Chosen Guard) releases will be available from next Monday June 13th, including an updated Acquisition Roster, a new Rhino variant combining SFA and Verse Dominion tech, plus several new vehicle upgrades to make your turncoat vehicles even more ‘kablamy’.


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NEW From Ashes Sol Enclaves faction is out now!

Today sees the release of a new faction for From Ashes – the Sol Enclaves.

The Sol Enclaves are the remnant outposts and colonies left over from the collapse of the League of Solar Nations. Arising from the ashes of the devastating civil conflict known as the Severance War, the Sol Enclaves represent the multitude of peoples trying to survive out in the Damnya Sector and beyond. As they are scattered to the far reaches of the system, each has become a faction to their own right, often adopting technologies found or traded with other groups they’d encounter. Despite being considered a minor faction in the Danny’s Sector, the Sol Enclaves can easily hold their own against the Primary Powers.

The Sol Enclaves are an extremely customisable faction for use in the From Ashes miniatures game, where you can choose if you want to ally with any of the Primary Powers, giving you access to their units and technologies, or just go it alone on the hope that your LSN forefathers will rise again and bring order to the Damnya Sector.

The Sol Enclaves Strike Force in particular is the ideal starting force for getting into From Ashes, as with it you can add units from other factions as you expand your collection.

Today sees the release of the following products:

-Sol Enclaves Acquisition Roster FREE PDF download

-Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Command Unit

-Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Medic upgrade

-Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Riflemen Squad

-Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Anti-Tank Squad

-Sol Enclaves Guardsmen Heavy Machine Gun Squad

-Sol Enclave vehicle upgrades

It’s worth noting here that the Sol Enclaves use the Anvil, Bullfrog and Hammerhead vehicles for their armies from the SFA (well technically, they belonged to them in the first place!).

All the models are available for the online store and the Acquisition Roster from the From Ashes downloads page.

From Ashes 0.0.7 and new objective markers are finally here!

Phew, what a month it’s been, and of course big apologies that this release is almost a month late (yikes!). But trust me though, the wait was worth it as everything has been pretty manic behind the scenes to get the latest From Ashes update out to you guys, and finally with objective markers for the game too! That means that the Void Scar Miniatures webstore is now your one-stop shop for everything you need to play games of From Ashes. Well, except tape measures…for now anyway.

Here’s what changes you can expect to see in the new update. Oh and another thing, Acquisition Rosters going forward will also have a rear page dedicated to what has changed so you can easily skip to the page you’re most interested in.

You can get a hold of the NEW objective markers over in the webstore by following this link and the updated From Ashes main rules by following this one.

I hope you enjoy reading these rules and playing some exciting games of From Ashes, and please don’t forget to make a contribution of £5 by clicking the PayPal donate button, as it means I can keep working on From Ashes into the future and beyond. Who knows, might even get that two-player starter boxed set out one day…

Be sure to join in the From Ashes gaming group on Facebook here and share your war stories with the rest of us.


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From Ashes 0.0.7 update delay…

Hi everyone

Apologies as I was hoping to have From Ashes 0.0.7 out by now, but I’m just waiting on the new objective markers to go alongside, then we’ll be all set. I’m expecting it all to be ready sometime early next week.

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2022 trade shows ahoy!

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some particularly exciting news to share with you today – Void Scar Miniatures will be attending its first ever shows this year!

On August 13th we’ll see the British Historical Games Society run the Britcon Trade Show in our very own Nottingham, UK.

The following week August 20th is Chillcon in Sheffield, again another great show that I can’t wait to come along to.

I’m extremely excited about this, and can’t wait to show you guys the Void Scar range of miniatures up close and in person, and hopefully have the odd chat or three!

Check out these links if you’d like to know more about the shows and what you can expect to see while you’re there:

I’ll see you there!

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From Ashes donation support

Hi everyone!

From Ashes is currently in a beta format on the rules download pages. While free to you guys (what with it being a work-in-progress anyway), it does not mean it is free to produce. A Paypal donate button has been added to the bottom of the rules page for those of you who’d like to show their support for the development of From Ashes and it’s bright future!

Cheers for your support, whether it’d be donations this way, sharing on social media, giving feedback or simply taking the time to play some games – it all helps in one way or another!

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