Xeraak Triarchy first wave available NOW

The time has finally arrived – the first wave of Xeraak Triarchy has been detected in orbit, and are preparing to assimilate your citizens into their forces!

Today, you’ll be able to get the following new Xeraak Triarchy squads for From Ashes:

-Meta Command Unit – capable of leading your armies of thrall cyborgs and protecting them using advanced shield projectors.

-Revenant Combat Cyborgs – the mainline infantry unit of the Xeraak Triarchy, who charge towards their foes firing plasma carbines as they go before unleashing devastating arc blades in close combat.

-Revenant Berserker Cyborgs – Those thralls who show signs of cognitive degradation are instead used as maddened assault units, distracting the foe and disrupting their battle planes, yet still hit home with a powerful punch.

-Meta Overseer Synapse Unit – Occasionally, Meta Overseers will band together into small teams where they can relay the orders of friendly commanders to nearby thralls.

These are available via online store here, and the rules in the From Ashes Rules Downloads page here.

Oh and one last thing – the Sol Enclaves sub-faction the Union of the Advancing Dawn can take these as Support Squads too!


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Recon wargames show this coming Saturday!

This coming Saturday (December 2nd) Void Scar Miniatures will be attending the Recon show in Pudsey, Leeds. This is a new one for Void Scar, but no doubt will become a favourite once we’ve got settled in and chatting to everyone – see you there!

You can find out more by heading over to the Events page here.

Not only that, but I’m extremely excited to announce that the first-wave of Xeraak Triarchy will be available this coming Friday December 1st, so keep and eye out for that one too, and make this Christmas a cyborg-y Christmas!


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Warfare last minute reminder!

Hi guys!

Here’s a last minute reminder about the Warfare wargames show this coming Saturday, where not only can you get the range of Void Scar products, but you can also get ahead of time some of the new Xeraak Triarchy units as well! We’ll be at stall C20 in the Discover Hall – see you there!

Oh, and for those of you eager to find out more about these new units, the rules are now available for download here – enjoy!

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Warfare wargames show this weekend!

Hi all!

This coming weekend (November 11-12th) Void Scar is off to the muchly anticipated Warfare war games show at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre. This will be our first time there and really excited to come along. Check out the link below for more info on the event.

Not only that, but I’m extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of the first wave of Xeraak Triarchy! These will be available starting from December, and includes the Revenant Combat Cyborgs, Meta Command Unit and Revenant Berserker Cyborgs. I know many of you will be waiting for a Strike Force and other models in the range, (so am I!) but you’ll have to wait a little longer for these I’m afraid, but they’re coming!

The rules for these models will also be available, but the main Xeraak Triarchy Acquisition Roster will arrive alongside the rest of the range later on. It’s worth remembering here that they can be integrated into an existing Sol Enclaves army which is using the Union of the Advancing Dawn sub-faction type too.

However, just for you folks coming to Warfare, you’ll be able to purchase these rather spiffing new cyborgs ahead of time!

So make sure your plasma batteries are installed, implants checked and bionics fired up, for the Xeraak Triarchy are coming…


Fiasco Wargaming Show Ahoy!

Hi all

This Sunday (the 29th) Void Scar Miniatures will be at the fantastic Fiasco wargaming show situated in non other than the incredible Leeds Royal Armouries in, erm, well Leeds! Come on by and say hello – don’t forget you can pick up the show-exclusive Sol Enclaves Anvil Tank Crew and even some rather spiffing posters of our artwork too.


See you there!

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NEWSFLASH – From Ashes Gaming, Leadbelt Oct 21st

Hi all!

I’m excited to share with you another upcoming From Ashes Gaming event happening at Leadbelt in Nottingham in a couple of weeks. I know it’s a bit last minute, but the good folks over there have agreed to have us all back for more From Ashes based shenanigans.

This is the ideal place for newcomers and veterans alike, or even if you’d just like to give From Ashes a go.

See you on the 21st!

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Armour, or is it Protection…?


Bit of a faux-pa on my end of things – it looks like a few references to Protection (which has been renamed as Armour in From Ashes 0.0.9 onwards) appears to have slipped-the-net in the Sol Enclaves, Devin Pact and Verse Dominion Acquisition Rosters. Suffice to say that these have all been corrected.

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A little preview of this week’s releases

With the upcoming From Ashes 0.0.9 release, each faction will be getting an updated Acquisition Roster which details the units they can use in their games.

The Sol Enclaves in particular are perhaps the most customisable faction, as you can choose to join one of the Primary Powers. This gives you access to their technologies and abilities, and as a result, their vehicles can be customised with the sponsor’s upgrades. This means that one Sol Enclave faction can play completely differently to another, with vehicles taking on different appearances to match.

Not only can Sol Enclaves now get access to SFA and Verse Dominion (well, Devin Pact) upgrades, but on the 23rd two new factions throw in to the ring, providing their allies with brand new technologies and weapon systems.

The Xeraak Triarchy Upgrade Set offers the powerful Plasma Repeater Turret to provide the host vehicle with a potent plasma weapon capable of defending the vehicle from close assaults, or just simply used to boost the vehicle’s firepower. The Shield Generator is exactly what it says on the tin and provides boosted protective capabilities to the host vehicle. Anvils which have joined the Xeraak Triarchy (or to use their correct sub-faction name, the Union of the Advancing Dawn) can replace their main cannons with a fast-firing Plasma Cannon which is capable of melting any target on the battlefield. Not only that, but the Meta Overseer from the Xeraak Triarchy range will also be available, which when attached to an infantry squad, provides a protective shield and an ability to boost nearby Leaders capabilities quite considerably.

On the other side of things we have the KFR, or Kymeron Free Republic, Vehicle Upgrade Set. The Laser Turret is another defence weapon but due to its onboard AI can quickly identify and engage multiple targets at once, making it one of the best counter-assault weapons in the game. Perhaps the most curious upgrade of all is the AI Core which provides the host vehicle an onboard artificial intelligence capable of shielding the vehicle from harm or expending its energies to temporarily take control and reroll a failed Discipline test when needed, which when combined with the Sol Enclave Freemen of the Republic sub-faction special rule Phoenix Protocols gives them a real edge in combat. Last, but by no means least, is the Laser Cannon Anvil upgrade which, while proving extremely accurate laser fire, can also be combined with any laser turrets on the vehicle to create a powerful laser beam capable of destroying anything in its path.

Not only that, but all Sol Enclaves forces all get access to the new Sol Enclaves Vehicle Upgrade Set 2, which includes the Optics and Tank Commander upgrades. The Optics increase the host vehicles of first hit probabilities if it has not moved, whereas the Tank Commander can lead spearhead assaults where friendly vehicles can activate alongside

Be sure to check back and customise your fleet of Sol Enclave vehicles!

These will be available on August 23rd along with the new Verse Dominion Taurus APC, updated From Ashes rules and the new Xeraak Triarchy previews.

Void Scar Miniatures’ Birthday announcement!

On August 23rd Void Scar Miniatures will be celebrating its birthday, and to commemorate the occasion there’ll be a several exciting things for you to keep an eye out for:

-From Ashes 0.0.9 release – the best, most exciting and certainly the most streamlined version of the tactical battle game ever!

-A preview showcase of what you can expect to see from the Xeraak Triarchy coming later in the year (much like the blurry chap in the image above, but unblurred of course!).

-NEW releases:

Verse Dominion Taurus APC

Sol Enclave vehicle upgrades: Vehicle Upgrades set 2 (includes Tank Commander and Optics) Xeraak Triarchy vehicle upgrade set (includes Plasma Repeater Turret and Shield Generator) KFR vehicle upgrade set (includes Laser Turret and AI Core) Anvil Plasma Cannon upgrade Anvil Laser Cannon upgrade

-Starting from August 12th to 27th sales of £50 and above get one of the following for FREE – Anvil Tank Crew or a poster of their choice (whiles stocks last). This applies to the Britcon show this coming weekend too!

Make sure to keep in the loop by checking out Void Scar Miniatures’ Facebook and Instagram pages, and of course check back on the 23rd for these exciting releases!

Void Scar stuff in August

Hi all,

This coming August is one of Void Scars busiest times of year. We’ve got the exciting Britcon event on the weekend of 11-13th of August (and is incidentally my birthday too!) where you can get your hands on the new Taurus APC ahead of time. Also on the Friday evening, the event organisers have kindly offered the gaming area for folks to come along to, so I thought I’d stick around and play some From Ashes in the evening if anyone would like to join me from about 5pm onwards (I’ll bring spare armies too).

Secondly, Leadbelt Games Arena have kindly agreed to host another From Ashes Gaming Day on Saturday the 19th of August, 11am onwards, where we can have lots of fun yet again smashing our armies together.

Lastly, but by no means least, it’s going to be Void Scar Birthday! From Ashes 0.0.9 will be available for download on the 23rd, along with updated Acquisition Rosters and some new units too. There might even be the odd preview of the new Xeraak Triarchy if you’re good…

You can find out more about these events via the link below.


Can’t wait to see you all there!

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